Bespoke Backdrops mini masterclass on how to create your brand identity


Join me on a mini masterclass in creating your own brand identity!

Now some people don’t like the word branding so let’s use the words visual identity (brand identity). How do you create your own brand identity in your business so that you stand out from the crowd, that you’re visually consistent and people can instantly recognise you and your business through how you show up visually…


Bespoke Backdrops how to be more 'you' on video - 5 business tips to presenting videoSo how do you bring more of ‘you’ into your videos? How do you let your personality show through when you’re on video? Are you the sort of person that is a little bit nervous making videos? Here are 5 tips on how to be more ‘you’ on video to help present the best version of you, your brand and your message.


Let’s talk about batching your videos. Is it a good idea to do a whole lot of videos all in one go and then drip feed them out over the weeks or months or even you know over a whole year.


Bespoke Backdrops is a backdrop feng shuiIs a backdrop Feng Shui? Do you feel energised when you present your videos? Can a backdrop support you and your message plus make you feel great? Watch this snippet to find out… (more…)

Bespoke Backgrounds dont crowd source design opinionsIf you’re getting something designed, don’t crowd source design opinions. Do you ask your friends, family and network on which design they like best? Stop this now – it’s going to drive you mad. And here’s why! (more…)

Bespoke Backdrops do you really need a backdrop? video set styling for your business

How many times have you heard people say “you don’t need fancy equipment to do video” Well that is exactly what Rebecca thought…..until she actually got one! Her Facebook live is gold!

I’m sharing a snippet here!


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