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Emma Veiga-Malta shows how a backdrop can make you feel better and get excited about your videosSo do you get excited about doing videos? Or are you a little bit sort of nervous about doing them and you sort of put it off as much as you can? Now imagine if you were so excited about doing videos… (more…)

Bespoke Backdrops new pre-designed affordable backdrops for your video setLook what’s behind me?! It is a brand new backdrop design for the pre-designed backdrop range. So you can have this backdrop, if you really want! I have added 3 new backdrop designs to the pre-designed backdrop range. So there are 9 designs in total and you can have any one of them.

(more…) can help your busines visuals match your brand ambitionSo, your vision and your ambition. Do you have them? I’m assuming that you have vision for your business and you have ambition for your business, otherwise what’s the point of being in business. But does your vision and your ambition match up together visually? Or is there a disconnect?


Bespoke Backdrops how to be more 'you' on video - 5 business tips to presenting videoSo how do you bring more of ‘you’ into your videos? How do you let your personality show through when you’re on video? Are you the sort of person that is a little bit nervous making videos? Here are 5 tips on how to be more ‘you’ on video to help present the best version of you, your brand and your message.