Firstly, let me welcome you to the exciting design process and congratulate you on deciding to take your branding and business tools to the next level.

Working with a designer on a creative project is not something many people do too often, so I thought it would be good to show you how it all works. That way we are both in alignment and I can ensure the optimum results for you.


  • I will return your email and suggest we hop on a call together. A quick chat to discuss your ideas and requirements is an efficient way to get the ball rolling.
  • After our chat, I will email you a summary of our chat in the form of a design brief and a Guidelines pdf. You will also receive the invoice which must be paid in full before I start the design process.


Overview: 1 mood-board, 5 design sketches, 3 reviews, 1 custom backdrop.

Week 1

  • I produce a mood-board of your design brief. A mood-board is a collage of images that represent the design brief; it includes colours, motifs, pictures and words. It’s an essential tool to ensure both of us understand the visual direction of your backdrop. A picture paints a thousand words!
  • Along with the mood-board will be 4 backdrop design sketches. These sketches will show you 4 ways your backdrop might look.
  • I email the mood-board and design sketches to you.

Week 2

  • Review 1 – You will tell me what you like or don’t like about the 4 design sketches. You offer your ideas and suggestions of what we might keep, reject or blend together. You may even shout BINGO on a design sketch without need for any alteration. This is the Holy Grail of design!
  • I produce a single backdrop sketch according to your feedback in Review 1. This sketch will be a closer match to your final backdrop.
  • Review 2 – you give feedback on the single design sketch.

PLEASE NOTE: the design sketches are just that; sketches. The final backdrop will not be as rough or sketchy…. UNLESS you tell me specifically how much you love the sketchy feel.

ALSO: Colours may differ slightly between screens, and then again during the printing process. If you need a very specific colour, please find out the CMYK colour code or the Pantone Colour number.

Week 3

  • I am busy painting, drawing, tinkering and creating magic for you.

Week 4

  • I present you with a jpeg of your backdrop in its entirety.
  • Review 3 – this is our final review and where last minute tweaks happen. Tweaks that we can do at this stage: moving things around the backdrop, background colour changes, sizing of things, small colour alterations, special effects. Large, complex hand-painted or drawn elements of the design cannot be changed. But you would have seen the design of these in Review 2.
  • Any major changes at this stage (such as in the hand-painted or drawn elements) will incur a small design fee and could delay the delivery date of your backdrop.
  • After your approval, I will transfer the design to my printers for printing

Week 5

  • We wait with excitement for the printers to do their magic.
  • I ship the professional photographic backdrop stand to you.

Week 6

  • Your backdrop will be completed and posted to you.
  • You set up the backdrop and press <<record>> on your camera. Congratulations – you’re the proud owner of a totally fabulous backdrop!


  • You may purchase the right to use some digital files of your custom design. You may wish to integrate the backdrop design into other marketing materials or in your company website. Please enquire about this with me here
  • Fancy your backdrop design as a fabric? You may wish to have cushions for your office or even upholstered on your office chair….click here to enquire.


  • To ensure that I can deliver within the desired 6 weeks, please try to get back to me in the quickest possible timeframe with reviews and communication. Of course, life has a life of its own (!) and unexpected delays occur that are out of your or my direct control.
  • I will never sell your custom backdrop design to another client. This complete design is exclusively for YOU and YOUR video needs. However, I retain the copyright on all designs that I create and may use them as examples of my work in my marketing materials.
  • I will also be placing your design in my portfolio with a link to your site. If you do not wish me to use your link or name, please let me know.
  • Check out the general ‘must-have’ small print here, which includes info on refunds and copyright.