People matter. And in this tech-connected world, there is a real power in the connections made at in-person events.

Storytelling, listening, sharing, entertaining and educating – I bring all of these the events I am invited to speak at. 

I love sharing the knowledge, insights, stories and observations from my 20 year career as an artist, designer and business owner. 


How To Niche Your Creative Skills Into A Business 

You have skills that in theory you can apply to many business scenarios. You know you could help so many people with your creative skills. But in fact, by serving everyone we serve nobody. We all know this, but what does this actually mean and how can you apply this to your own business. Or maybe you feel confused how on earth your creative skill can be of use? You love what you do, but you’re not sure how to make money from it.

  • Discover how to identify your No1 creative skill and how to niche that into a product or service that is useful and valuable to others.
  • Think outside the box to create a new product or service.
  • Learn how I did this in my own business.


Riches to Rags & Back Again – My Creative Journey

Imagine living the dream life in Europe and the losing it all with the Global Financial Crisis. I take you on a journey into my life and art – and how I built a creative business through ingenuity, business acumen, necessity – and sheer bloodymindedness!

I share topics not widely discussed:

  • The story I wish I heard in 2012 when we lost it all – from Riches to Rags and the slow climb back to Riches again.
  • The silent Middle Class Taboo – how outward appearances in an affluent lifestyle can be deceiving, a lifestyle many never admit they can no longer afford.
  • Busting the Starving Artist Myth – you don’t need to be a tortured soul with a big message to be a fulfilled and well-paid artist or designer.


Starting Your Creative Business Journey

After 20 years as an artist, designer and entrepreneur, there isn’t a mistake or lesson I haven’t learnt the hard way! Equally, I’ve experienced the sheer joy of achieving goals and reaching milestones through my own effort, skill and creativity.

Business is as important to me as art, design and creativity. I believe they go beautifully hand-in-hand. 

I take audiences through the “10 Key Things to Know When Starting a Creative Business” including:  finding your niche, getting to grips with money, learning from another industry, the entrepreneurial mindset, marketing ideas, finding your tribe of clients and supporters, failure and success. 


Design & Create Your Business Brand Moodboard (workshop)

This hands-on workshop will help you delve into the visual message you want your business to convey.

  • How do you want people to FEEL about your product or service?
  • How do you see your business in terms of colour, words and pictures?
  • If you could create a moodboard that reflected your brand values, your mission and the feel of your business, what would it look like?
  • Imagine all you had to define you and your business was a moodboard, what would you put on there?
  • What are your brand values?
  • What is your mission and soul of your business?

This fun exercise will help you understand your business better. And it will set the visual foundations for every part of your business; from your website, to your social media posts, to your videos and newsletters.

You will come away with a mood-board that you can show your web developer, your graphics person and your team. And crucially, it is for you to be inspired by the true vibe of your business.

A picture paints a thousand words, and this workshop will help you articulate them!

Other Topics

  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Motherhood & Business
  • Entrepreneur Mindset (& Manifesting)
  • Busting the Starving Artist Myth
  • Creativity & Making Money
  • Visual Consistency & Branding
  • Niching to Increase Revenue


The Artful Business Conference, Melbourne 

International School of Colour & Design, Sydney

Mama Creatives, Sydney

The Speakers Club, Sydney

Upcoming keynote – The Heart Centred Business Conference, Brisbane

Empire Builders – podcast

Your Next Chapter – podcast

The Politics of Everything – podcast (release Jan 2018)

Magnetic Mamas – podcast

Emma is a world class speaker and her sheer optimism will leave you buoyant and motivated to follow your own creative dream.

Anna Kellerman, Mama Creatives

Emma was an amazing guest speaker who engaged, entertained and inspired everyone in the room.  Professional from start to end, Emma was fantastic to work with.

Wendy Greenhalf, General Manager, ISCD

Thank you for being our guest professional speaker at Speakers’ Club.  My guests and members all loved how generous you were with your expertise, how committed you were to tailoring your message to their individual situations and businesses, and also how authentic and real you were in your delivery. I am grateful to you for how professional and easy you were to work with. You are an event organiser’s dream speaker!

Michelle Bowden, Speaker’s Club Founder, and Award Winning Persuasive Presentation Trainer

Emma speaks with wisdom that comes from years of experience. She is an engaging and entertaining speaker but also delivers incredible value and wisdom.

Emma has runs on the board in terms of running successful businesses and shares her own story with a great deal of honesty and transparency.

At the 2016 Artful Business Conference she was one of the favourite speakers as she can engage the creative mind while still offering enormous value in terms of business learnings and implementable strategies

Elle Roberts, The Artful Business Conference organiser