Why I love health & wellness clients

health & wellness design - customised for health & wellness space such as nutritionists and personal trainers plus moreSo why do I love working with people in the health and wellness space? Well for starters, nutritionists or personal trainers, are really enthusiastic people.

Health & Wellness Design

Hi it’s Emma the designer at Bespoke Backdrops

So why do I love working with people in the health & wellness space?

Positive mindsets and tonnes of enthusiasm

Well for starters as I find that nutritionists or personal trainers, are really enthusiastic people. They’re very positive, their mindset is positive and they’re really enthusiastic. So of course who doesn’t like working for someone like that and it allows me to sort of get enthusiastic about their business too.

Health & Wellness Design that can break out of the cliché

The other reason I really enjoy working for health & wellness design as clients, is that I like to help them break out of this clichéd mould that so many people in the health & wellness space seem to fall into with their branding or their backdrops. And that is the typical, stereotypical figure of a woman silhouette or an apple with a bite out of it…All vectorised, very cold images and there’s nothing really terribly exciting.

So let me give you an example of a food relationship coach that I worked with and she uses nutrition and personal training as modalities with her clients.

Positive, enthusiastic and energetic branding

And we thought a little bit outside of the box. So I said to her why don’t we look at food and nature and things that are outside, but look at their colours and their textures and their patterns and then use those to create a really zesty, positive, enthusiastic and bright brand.

So that’s exactly what we did. So although it does say nutrition and it does say health & wellness. It’s not obvious. It’s not the cliché.

So that is why I really enjoy working with people in the health and wellness space.

Now if you’re in the health & wellness space and you’d like to have a rebrand, or you’d like to start your brand from scratch again, or you’d like a backdrop for your videos and workshops give me a call and let’s see what we can design for you then totally personal to you and your business but yet makes it absolutely obvious to the world what you do.

Making your health & wellness business visually resonate with you, your customers and viewers is my priority!

– If you have any questions, or would like to work with me, please click here to get in touch!