Pre Designed Backdrops

Pre designed backdrops six new designs Hi it’s Emma the designer at Bespoke Backdrops and you will notice that I’m not sitting in front of my usual backdrop. I’m sitting in front of one of six pre designed backdrops now available 

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Hi it’s Emma the designer at Bespoke Backdrops and you will notice that I’m not sitting in front of my usual backdrop.

Pre designed backdrops now available

I’m sitting in front of one of my pre designed backdrops that I have available. They’re again designed by me, but they are from a series called ‘the studio set’ and I have six designs, all based around interiors the shelves and walls and all kinds of different styles. And they are not as expensive as a custom video backdrop, which I do for most of my clients.

So if you’re on a bit of a budget, or you’re not sure whether a backdrop is actually something you want to invest a lot of money into, or a lot of time into, you’re just testing out the waters with videos and backdrops… Why don’t you get yourself a pre designed backdrop like the one I have beside me!

6 pre designed backdrop styles to choose from – includes carry case and stand!

The pre designed backdrops come in different styles and feelings and vibes, there might be one that works for you. Now the really cool thing about this is that it comes with all whistles and bells that the custom backdrops come with. It comes with the stands to hang it from, a carry case for your stand, it’s all fully digitally printed on the same canvas and it’s designed by me – it’s just not designed exclusively for you – but you might find something that really works for you in your business.

$250 + GST for a limited time only

The pre designed backdrops are a really good price at the moment I’ve just relaunched them and they are 250 aussie dollars plus GST, which is a bargain and I will be raising the prices in the next couple months.

Fed up filming with dodgy backgrounds? Shine with a new video set!

So if you want a backdrop for your videos because you’re fed up with having a bedroom behind you or your kitchen or some sort of random room – do get yourself a pre designed backdrop and see how you’ll shine on video! How quickly you’ll get videos done! How inspired you will be to do your videos!

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Pre Designed Backdrops Specs: 1.45m wide x 1.5m high digitally printed on quality canvas and includes 2m adjustable height stand, a carry case + free shipping within Australia.

Making your business visually resonate with you, your customers and viewers is my priority!

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