How To Get Excited About Video!

Emma Veiga-Malta shows how a backdrop can make you feel better and get excited about your videosSo do you get excited about doing videos? Or are you a little bit sort of nervous about doing them and you sort of put it off as much as you can? Now imagine if you were so excited about doing videos…

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So do you get excited, about doing videos?

Or are you a little bit sort of nervous about doing them and you sort of put it off as much as you can?

Now imagine if you were so excited about doing videos, that you did them regularly and you just shared your content on video, with your viewers and your clients.

Now this is totally possible and this week I was showing my new pre-designed backdrops on my Facebook page and a client of mine Sal, popped in there and sent me this really beautiful message – which I hope doesn’t mind me sharing – but she wrote:

My backdrop from Emma Veiga-Malta has literally changed my mindset about videoing. I totally love it and get excited about what I produce now.

How cool is that?!

That is one of the best things that anyone could ever say about having a backdrop. And she’s had it for 10 months now, so she uses it regularly and she feels excited about doing videos.

Look better, feel better, show up better, act better – get excited about video

And I’m not exactly sure why she gets excited about it, but I know the backdrop has obviously a huge part to play in that because I think it makes all of us show up as the best version of ourselves. We kind of look better and when we look better, we feel better and when we feel better, we kind of act better. We sort of take action on things that we know we want to do.

Show up as the best version of yourself on video

So if you want to do video, maybe what’s holding you back, is that you’re not excited about doing video because you don’t think that your videos look good enough or you think you look a little bit, sort of… you know not the best version of yourself on video. When a backdrop can absolutely do that. Now I’ve got an example to show you this morning just to show what a backdrop can do.

The difference it can make between looking and feeling a bit meh on video and then sort of feeling excited to do video, because you know you look much better on video with one.

So this is picture of me, after my morning exercises this morning. So no makeup nothing, looking a little bit ropey! I sat down at my desk and took a picture, with just my house behind me – looks a little bit dowdy – not so exciting. I don’t think I’d be too chuffed doing a video looking like that.

But then I took 20 seconds out I put my backdrop up and look at the difference! Still the same me, still you know, post-workout not looking great!

Get excited about how your backdrop looks on video and get going!

But do you see how the backdrop kind of lifts me a little bit and sort of even evens out my skin tone, which is very strange. I didn’t do anything, didn’t add any extra makeup, but the backdrop just made me feel better. I think it’s feeling better, that encourages people to get out there and feel excited about doing videos.

Backdrops that motivate you to video & look great!

So if you want to get out there and do videos and feel excited about doing videos, maybe think about how your videos look and think about getting a backdrop. Either a
custom-designed backdrop that I designed specifically for you in your business or
a pre-designed backdrop that I’ve designed myself but that anyone can buy with a much lower price point and they’re pretty great for getting onto video.

In fact Sanjay, another client of mine, who got a pre-designed backdrop last month wrote on Facebook as well:

Must say I love my new backdrop, makes a massive difference when you talk to potential clients. If you’re sitting on the fence just chat to Emma she’ll guide you through.

Which is really sweet of him to say. So people are really finding that backdrops make a huge difference in getting excited about doing videos and speaking to clients face to face which is really important these days.

Okay make a comment below if you have any questions or direct message me or email me Emma@bespoke and I’m happy to answer any questions!

Making your business visually resonate with you, your customers and viewers is my priority! – If you have any questions, please click here to get in touch!