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See behind the scenes of Backdrop and video setup with stand and lightsHi there! Join me behind the scenes at Bespoke Backdrops and see just how easy it is to setup and store your backdrops at home!

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Welcome to behind the scenes of Bespoke Backdrops!

[Watch the video to see my setup at home]

This is the Bespoke Backdrop studio in my lounge room. When you’re having a chat with me whilst I’m doing my videos – this is what you see! This is my backdrop and video setup at home.

But the entire backdrop and stand actually looks like this. This is what the stand looks like that you get and it comes on feet like this and it’s super easy to set up and store because this small space is the actual space it takes up! So look you’re in my dining room / lounge room at the moment. It takes up so little space, look how thin that backdrop is!Behind the scenes at Bespoke BackdropsSo if you come round again, but back in front of my camera and this is the lights I use. I have two soft box lights. Sometimes set with a naked bulb only or at other times I’ll put the diffuser over the top, depending on the light of the day or what’s going on. For example, I may only have one of the soft box lights on after midday because the sun is around the other side of the house and it’s not quite so bright.

I also store my backdrop in this corner beshide the bookshelf. I always tell my clients that the backdrop rolls up really quite small and as you can see it really does. I even can keep it in my lounge room and nobody really spots it. The backdrop simply rolls up on the crossbar and is stored with the lights into that corner. The light goes in that corner, the backdrop, the backdrop stand collapses down. Once away in a few minutes, I can get on with my day and the backdrops fully put away.

The specs for the Entrepreneur and Predesigned backdrops is shown below. Bespoke backdrop specsSo that is my setup, that’s my office! You’ve seen behind the scenes of my backdrop and video setup at home. I have my my computer on a shoe box, which is not terribly professional, but does the job so that my eyes are at eye level with my clients when I’m chatting with them – which is really important. So I hope you enjoyed seeing the setup of my business and what a backdrop actually looks like, once you have one! Okay bye!

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