My Artwork For Backdrops & Branding

Emma Veiga-Malta original artwork in all Bespoke Backdrops and Branding projectsI want to share with you some of the artwork that goes into making a backdrop. You may have seen video backdrops like my own behind me and other peoples, on the internet and you might be wondering how on earth is it made…

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Hi it’s Emma the designer at Bespoke Backdrops.

Today I want to share with you some of the artwork that goes into making a backdrop. You might have seen the backdrops like my own behind me and other peoples, on the internet and you might be wondering how on earth is it made.

Is it actually painted onto the canvas or is it printed?

So I just want to show you some of my artwork. Being an artist and a designer, everything I do starts off with these little babies… Literally this is what I use to create my backdrops. My paint brushes, my pencil and my paint, really high intensity pigments so it can come up with really great colours like the ones you see behind me.

Paintings & drawings created by hand, scanned for Bespoke Backdrop creations!

For example, I have a very bright painting here that is of half a dream catcher and some feathers. Firstly I would of painted and drawn those. Then I will scan them into my scanner and then pop them onto Photoshop and that’s where the magic happens!

Custom created & designed for Bespoke Backdrop clients

Another painting I completed recently for a client is of a Salmon Gumtree – often there is art within my art – so this was for a client who comes from Western Australia and she wanted somewhere in her backdrop to have a Salmon Gumtree in there. This painting of a Salmon Gum  will be displayed hanging on the wall of the backdrop that I am creating. Other artwork examples that I love are  flowers. Flowers are something that I paint a lot actually, for example all the flowers behind me I painted myself.

Emma Veiga-Malta original artwork behind the scenes of video backdrop creationAt the moment I’m really loving paintings golds. Really painting golds, not using a trick on Photoshop or Illustrator but actually using my yellows and my browns to create golds. I’ll show you my gold… shiny 18 karat gold! So this artwork was used for a French school backdrop that i created. The brief was to use gold and purple as that was their brand colours and they wanted all kinds of symbols and emblems of France. So that’s the fleur de lis in two parts, I put them together later in Photoshop.Emma Veiga-Malta original artwork behind the scenes of video backdrop creationHere’s some more gold examples of my artwork I’ve been  painting: a crown; a candlestick or a lampshade stand; and, then a beautiful ginger jar. I love Chinese ginger jars, I have painted a couple actually for clients and put them on backdrops.

More orignial artwork shown in the video (Youtube link above)

My beautiful Rosellas from my client Kay and some Mimosa (Wattle) I painted for her as well – they’re just so colourful and beautiful and then on the back…because I don’t want to waste paper do I… it all comes down to how much my expenses are! So on the back of the paper I’ve done the rest of her Australian fauna illustrations for her backdrop. So I’m quite proud of those. Another hand painted artwork example for a food coach client – all fruit and veg – who doesn’t love a bit of fruit and veg! (View artwork in the Youtube video)

I love drawing, I’m really very keen on pencil drawing so this was for a another French school I think to do a lot of work for French schools, possibly because I speak French and I lived in the french-speaking part of Switzerland so those the beautiful French Parisian windows, some cutlery and some macaroon – of course! These drawings were created in pencil with a wash, a grey wash just to give it some definition and then again my pencil, I love drawing with pencil. (View artwork in the Youtube video!)

Artist & retro inspired illustrations created for Bespoke Backdrops

This artwork example is a sketch I did based on a Fornasetti illustrations. Fornasetti was an Italian artist in the 1920s, 1930s, and he was very much with influenced by Victorian etchings and Victorian newspaper pictures actually and so I obviously couldn’t use a Fornasetti for my client, so I drew my own Fornasetti inspired image for her, which is quite cool!

Emma Veiga-Malta original artwork behind the scenes of video backdrop creationYou might have seen this retro themed illustration around if you’re part of the Heart Centered Soul Driven Entrepreneur’s group, because Tash Corbin has a backdrop and I created a whole load of retro posters behind her on her famous polka dot wall! She loves scooters and when she lived in Bali she always scooted around so she wanted to have a Vespa on her backdrop. So I created a Vespa poster, like an advert from in the 1960s or something, very cool and retro but actually I painted in that retro style that you would have found on posters – so that’s what I did for her!

All artwork is originally created, painted and drawn by me!

So there you go a little bit of my art that goes into creating a backdrop. It’s all originally done and painted by me and drawn by me and I just absolutely love it! I spend my days painting and drawing. I’ve got my little, this is my work kit, so I’m location independent, I can travel anywhere, I can live in Timbuktu, I can live on Mars and I can do my work. As long as I’ve got my my art box, my paints and my paper and Wi-Fi I’m good to go!

So anyway I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of my art and if you would like a backdrop done for you or if you have any branding work that you need doing, logos or full rebrand, I am certainly happy to chat with you.

Alright then, have a great day bye!

Making your business visually resonate with you, your customers and viewers is my priority! – If you have any questions, please click here to get in touch!