Don’t Like Writing Blog Posts? Do This Instead…

Learn how to repurpose video content to your blog with Emma Veiga-MaltaDon’t like writing blog posts? Do you shiver at the thought of having to write a blog post? Find out how to create engaging blog posts…

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No need to fear writing a blog post anymore!

Do you just put writing in the too hard basket? Well that’s definitely something that I do.

I was on Facebook yesterday, I’m always on Facebook, and somebody was saying that they saw my video and they liked my video. They were implementing some of the stuff I had advised and was teaching on the video.

I said ‘Oh yeah I’ve noticed actually Stephanie, you’ve been really much more present and much more visible on video recently. I’ve really noticed your videos popping up on Facebook.’

And she said ‘Yes I just can’t be bothered with writing, I prefer to talk.’

I thought that’s just such a a great idea. So many of us, who don’t really enjoy writing, but we have so much we want to say, to share and to teach and we want put our knowledge out into the world.

So if you don’t like writing, why not talk instead?!

So this is what I do. Frankly I don’t have time to write a blog post every week. I’m just too busy with my client work to sit down and physically write any content. So I do my videos – if you’re watching this from a newsletter – you will know that every week I have a video and I repurpose that video on the internet, by creating a blog post from the video.

Walk the talk: content creation

So how do I do this? Well I get my lovely assistant Holly (very lovely!) to take this one video and then caption it, transcribe it and then neaten up the transcription, so that it actually looks like a blog post. Sometimes she’ll add images or headers to help make it look really readable, not just a sort of a bog-standard transcription.

So for example if you’re reading this on my newsletter – you are actually reading the words that I am speaking – which is kind of a bit weird. But you understand the essence of it.

So all of a sudden I have done one video, which takes me how long? This video is going to be about three minutes long.

3 minute content: it’s captioned, transcribed and made into a blog post! 

Those words become a repurposed bit of content that I can share elsewhere. So in fact I have written a blog post! I just haven’t typed anything. I’ve talked my blog post.

How to turn a video into a blog post in 4 easy steps

Find out how to create engaging blog posts from videoSo that’s an idea, if you’re not keen on writing and you put writing a blog post in the too hard basket, really get on video, talk to camera, get it captioned, get it transcribed, neaten it up, to make it look like a blog post and voila! Away you go, you have a blog post!

So I hope that was helpful to you and I’ll see you next time.

Okay, bye!

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