Don’t Be Better. Be Different!

Find out how to be different and help your brand stand out online with Emma Veiga Malta owner / designer of Bespoke BackdropsI went to a business conference recently in the Sunshine Coast and one of the keynote speakers was a chap called Mike Michalowicz, who is a brilliant businessman/entrepreneur and he wrote the book ‘Profit First’, here is what I came away with…

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Mike Michalowicz, author of ‘Profit First” wasn’t talking about Profit First and his accounting systems at the conference, he was talking about how to make a difference in your business and how to market your business through storytelling. And he said one particular thing that really resonated with me, because it’s exactly what my business is about. He said, when you’re in business don’t try and be the best – be different.

Be different & separate yourself from the crowd

So don’t be the best in your market. Don’t try and beat everyone by being the best in your industry. Just try and separate yourself from the crowd, by being different. Because he made a really good point, we are so used to seeing certain things, done in a certain way, presented in a certain way and if we see something different that our brains are not expecting – then we pay attention!

POW!!! See something unexpected? We are wired to take notice.

So if you are in a really saturated market space. If there are lots of other people doing exactly what you do in your business, don’t try and be better – because your client isn’t going to know that you’re better. You might think that you’re better. You may actually be better! But when your client, or your potential client,is looking at you from the outside and deciding who to work with, out of all these people in a saturated market, ‘Better’ is probably not something they’re thinking about.

Rather the client will choose the business that resonates with them and stands out. A business who differentiates themselves from everybody else AND because they resonate with the potential client specifically. So don’t try to be better – be different.

Storytelling that works + attracts new clients!

Similarly having a backdrop can help you stand out from the crowd in a saturated marketplace. You don’t have to be better than anyone else in your industry, but a backdrop can help with your storytelling and visually communicate your business to help attract opportunities and resonate with new clients!

Do you ever scroll through a never ending social media feed – what makes you stop and pay attention?

For example, if you are marketing your business on Facebook and posting videos on social media, where people are scrolling through a feed…if you’re different visually, if your videos look different, if your photos look different to everyone else on their feed, there’s a high chance that they’re going to stop and look, listen and take notice!

Our brains are a little bit lazy. We just scroll through things, we cannot take in so much
information, but if we see something different and we recognise that different thing, we’re more likely to pay attention. So have a think about how you in your business can be different and not just always trying to be better.

So that’s what I came out with from my few days at the business conference. So I’m going to go away and see how I can be different and not necessarily always better!

So don’t just be better, be different!

Alright then bye!

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