The ROI of a backdrop

Do the maths and find out the return of investment on a bespoke bacdrop custom designed for your businessLet’s talk Return On Investment (ROI)  for your backdrop. Work out your cost per use…

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Let’s talk Return On Investment (ROI) for your backdrop.

A client of mine told me that she had created 14 videos and livestreams last week. That is 14 times she has used her backdrop in just the last week and she excitedly shared with me, that in the last six months the backdrop has ABSOLUTELY paid for itself!

Let’s do the math

So I thought I’d just do a little bit of mathematics and share my calculations with you. A custom backdrop, as seen in my video blog, is $1,150. If we view the backdrop as a monthly investment, over six month period that’s $191 per month to have a backdrop.

Now let’s assume that in a month, you use the backdrop twice a week for your videos or client calls – that’s quite minimal assumption – twice a week. That works out at $23 per use over six months. But you are going to be using your backdrop for the next year or two, until you rebrand (it is usually around about two years until people think to rebrand or update their visual identity).

So it’s only $23 per use in the first six months. If you think about having to rent a studio, you can’t rent a studio for $23 per video. If you think about other kind of return on investment, like your time, it is a great saving as it can sometimes take a lot of time to tidy up your room, or to get your space looking just right for filming your videos.

Now I’m sure that you’re charging more than $23 an hour. So for $23 you have a beautiful set that you can use for your video calls, your live streams, your client calls and your blog videos. You can create great videos and get a fantastic return on your investment.

So I want you to think of it like a pair of jeans. You know how we go shopping we go ‘Oh my goodness this pair of jeans is $200’ and then we sit there with our girlfriends and you try and work out you what does it cost per wear and it works having two dollars or something.

Some stats to get you thinking…

If you think about the average lifespan of a backdrop, which is a roughly two years – as mentioned earlier you might want to upgrade your branding at this stage. That works out, according to my mathematics at 8 uses a month for two years, only $5.90 per use!

$5.90 per use to have an amazing looking video that reaches hundreds, if not thousands of people!

That’s a really great return on investment. So think about your backdrop as a business expense that gives you a return on your investment and helps bring you more money into your business and also extends your reach.

You do the math!

So if you’re looking for a backdrop and you’re hesitating do the maths. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Work out how often you use or you would use your backdrop?
  • How many times you do client calls in a week?
  • How many videos you want to be creating?
  • What kind of videos you need for your business?

Then divide that into the cost of your backdrop and you will be so surprised on what a great investment your backdrop can be!

So give me a call, email me, message me if you have any questions I’m happy to answer any questions and to hop on a call with you and then hopefully design a beautiful backdrop for you!

Making your business visually resonate with you, your customers and viewers is my priority! – If you have any questions, please click here to get in touch!