I’m Emma Veiga-Malta, designer at Bespoke Backdrops.

My 20 year career as an artist and designer spans both Europe and Australia. I grew up in England, graduated in London with a BA(hons) in Fashion & Textiles, before working in fashion PR and publishing.  In 1997, I moved to Switzerland, where I ran a small art studio, and exhibited both in Geneva and London.

Today I live in Sydney with my husband and 2 teenage children. I consider myself truly lucky to have the best job in the world, working with wonderful clients and being supported by a marvellous family.

Business is a important to me as design and creativity – and through my work I blend them together not just for my own business, but for my clients too. Great design helps you sell your products and services.

My entrepreneurial journey has opened doors and afforded me some incredible opportunities, including a stint in Silicon Valley after winning a ‘Shark Tank-style’ pitch contest, where I attended conferences, meet-ups and forged relationships with incredible people in the start-up and VC world. 

I have been nominated and won awards, have spoken at conferences and events, teach workshops, and have been interviewed on podcasts. My topics range from niching your creativity to increase your revenue, to how to find your business identity, using Facebook Groups to grow your business – and my own journey as an artist, designer and entrepreneur. 

Today I am a mentor at The Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship, helping early-stage businesses grow and thrive.

As a life-long learner in business, I bring much of my experience into my design work. I understand the power of good design and visual resonance; connecting on an emotional level is as important as connecting on an intellectual level. After all, 93% of communication in non-verbal.

My Why is to make life and business more beautiful – and encourage businesses to show up as the best version of themselves on video, at events and online. Standing out from the crowd is vital in today’s saturated and noisy market place. And creating an on-brand setting for your videos or events establishes a subliminal and powerful connection with your clients, staff, prospects and followers.

I have a personal website where you can find out more about my art, design, experiences, knowledge, high and lows in business and life. Check out here

Let’s work together! What will I design for you?

Emma x

P.S Want to chat? Ready to start your design project? Or have questions? Book in a time that suits you here – I look forward to chatting!

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