How to get people to take photos at your events – and share them!

Imagine if people were queuing up at your events to take photographs in front of your media wall.  Read More

No ideas for your backdrop – that’s my job!

Do you have to have a fully-formed idea or design of what you’d like, before you work with me? No – that’s my job!

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The ROI of a backdrop

Do the maths and find out the return of investment on a bespoke bacdrop custom designed for your businessLet’s talk Return On Investment (ROI)  for your backdrop. Work out your cost per use…

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Sell More! How a backdrop can help step up your game

Convert your audience into clients with Bespoke BackdropsYou may notice I am not sitting in front of my usual backdrop, I’m sitting in front of design number 8 from the pre-designed backdrops range. I want to share with you how the pre-designed backdrops are changing business women’s lives …they are really helping people step up their game!

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Hide Your Children!

Hide your children, your home, be on brand, professional with a pre-designed backdrop!Hello! I have a client who uses her backdrop to hide her children!! And the mess that the children make! It was quite funny actually, because she had bought a pre-designed backdrop…

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Don’t Be Better. Be Different!

Find out how to be different and help your brand stand out online with Emma Veiga Malta owner / designer of Bespoke BackdropsI went to a business conference recently in the Sunshine Coast and one of the keynote speakers was a chap called Mike Michalowicz, who is a brilliant businessman/entrepreneur and he wrote the book ‘Profit First’, here is what I came away with…

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Don’t Like Writing Blog Posts? Do This Instead…

Learn how to repurpose video content to your blog with Emma Veiga-MaltaDon’t like writing blog posts? Do you shiver at the thought of having to write a blog post? Find out how to create engaging blog posts… Read More

My Artwork For Backdrops & Branding

Emma Veiga-Malta original artwork in all Bespoke Backdrops and Branding projectsI want to share with you some of the artwork that goes into making a backdrop. You may have seen video backdrops like my own behind me and other peoples, on the internet and you might be wondering how on earth is it made… Read More

My Backdrop And Video Setup At Home | See Behind The Scenes At

See behind the scenes of Backdrop and video setup with stand and lightsHi there! Join me behind the scenes at Bespoke Backdrops and see just how easy it is to setup and store your backdrops at home! Read More

How To Get Excited About Video!

Emma Veiga-Malta shows how a backdrop can make you feel better and get excited about your videosSo do you get excited about doing videos? Or are you a little bit sort of nervous about doing them and you sort of put it off as much as you can? Now imagine if you were so excited about doing videos… Read More