My Backdrop And Video Setup At Home | See Behind The Scenes At

See behind the scenes of Backdrop and video setup with stand and lightsHi there! Join me behind the scenes at Bespoke Backdrops and see just how easy it is to setup and store your backdrops at home! Read More

How To Get Excited About Video!

Emma Veiga-Malta shows how a backdrop can make you feel better and get excited about your videosSo do you get excited about doing videos? Or are you a little bit sort of nervous about doing them and you sort of put it off as much as you can? Now imagine if you were so excited about doing videos… Read More

New Backdrop Designs For You! The Pre-Designed Range

Bespoke Backdrops new pre-designed affordable backdrops for your video setLook what’s behind me?! It is a brand new backdrop design for the pre-designed backdrop range. So you can have this backdrop, if you really want! I have added 3 new backdrop designs to the pre-designed backdrop range. So there are 9 designs in total and you can have any one of them.

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Should a designer give you the original design files?

So what are the original design files, or the source file to start with? The source file is the original digital file that the designer has created your designs from. So it has all the layers and it has all the colours, it has all the artwork. Read More

How to hire the right designer

Bespoke Backdrops tips on hiring the right designer for youHi it’s Emma the designer at Bespoke Backdrops.

This video and blog post is all about you. It is not about my business, it is about how to engage a designer for logos branding and any creative work that you need to help you to avoid bad experiences and enjoy the process and end result. Read More

Do your videos match your vision & ambition? can help your busines visuals match your brand ambitionSo, your vision and your ambition. Do you have them? I’m assuming that you have vision for your business and you have ambition for your business, otherwise what’s the point of being in business. But does your vision and your ambition match up together visually? Or is there a disconnect?

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Logo ‘blindness’ on media walls

Creative and interesting media walls by Bespoke BackdropsSo have your attendees at your events got logo blindness? And what do I mean by ‘logo blindness ‘? Well you know how when you have your event and you have sponsors and you need to have the sponsors logos on the backdrop, behind, you know, all the photos. Are people actually seeing those logos? Read More

Pre Designed Backdrops

Pre designed backdrops six new designs Hi it’s Emma the designer at Bespoke Backdrops and you will notice that I’m not sitting in front of my usual backdrop. I’m sitting in front of one of six pre designed backdrops now available  Read More

Why I love Business Coaches

custom design for business coaches video set backdrops and brandingHi it’s Emma the designer at Bespoke Backdrops. So why do I love working with business coaches? Well business coaches come in all shapes sizes & flavours. There’s not a one-size-fits-all business coach, because Read More

Why I love health & wellness clients

health & wellness design - customised for health & wellness space such as nutritionists and personal trainers plus moreSo why do I love working with people in the health and wellness space? Well for starters, nutritionists or personal trainers, are really enthusiastic people. Read More