Incremental upgrades

Now to upgrade your business you don’t need to upgrade everything at once, you just need to do your incremental upgrades. I’ve got a free PDF, a one-page PDF. It’s that easy…

3 Step Visual Framework

I’ve created a 3 step framework for you to be recognised online and also be remembered online…all in a one page PDF!

How to get people to take photos at your events – and share them!

Imagine if people were queuing up at your events to take photographs in front of your media wall. 

The ROI of a backdrop

Let’s talk Return On Investment (ROI)  for your backdrop. Work out your cost per use…

Don’t Be Better. Be Different!

I went to a business conference recently in the Sunshine Coast and one of the keynote speakers was a chap called Mike Michalowicz, who is a brilliant businessman/entrepreneur and he wrote the book ‘Profit First’, here… Read More

My Artwork For Backdrops & Branding

I want to share with you some of the artwork that goes into making a backdrop. You may have seen video backdrops like my own behind me and other peoples, on the internet and you might… Read More

New Backdrop Designs For You! The Pre-Designed Range

Look what’s behind me?! It is a brand new backdrop design for the pre-designed backdrop range. So you can have this backdrop, if you really want! I have added 3 new backdrop designs to the pre-designed… Read More

Should a designer give you the original design files?

So what are the original design files, or the source file to start with? The source file is the original digital file that the designer has created your designs from. So it has all the layers… Read More

How to hire the right designer

Hi it’s Emma the designer at Bespoke Backdrops. This video and blog post is all about you. It is not about my business, it is about how to engage a designer for logos branding and any… Read More

Do your videos match your vision & ambition?

So, your vision and your ambition. Do you have them? I’m assuming that you have vision for your business and you have ambition for your business, otherwise what’s the point of being in business. But does… Read More