Incremental upgrades

Now to upgrade your business you don’t need to upgrade everything at once, you just need to do your incremental upgrades. I’ve got a free PDF, a one-page PDF. It’s that easy…

3 Step Visual Framework

I’ve created a 3 step framework for you to be recognised online and also be remembered online…all in a one page PDF!

How To Get Excited About Video!

So do you get excited about doing videos? Or are you a little bit sort of nervous about doing them and you sort of put it off as much as you can? Now imagine if you… Read More

New Backdrop Designs For You! The Pre-Designed Range

Look what’s behind me?! It is a brand new backdrop design for the pre-designed backdrop range. So you can have this backdrop, if you really want! I have added 3 new backdrop designs to the pre-designed… Read More

Do your videos match your vision & ambition?

So, your vision and your ambition. Do you have them? I’m assuming that you have vision for your business and you have ambition for your business, otherwise what’s the point of being in business. But does… Read More

Pre Designed Backdrops

Hi it’s Emma the designer at Bespoke Backdrops and you will notice that I’m not sitting in front of my usual backdrop. I’m sitting in front of one of six pre designed backdrops now available 

How to be more ‘you’ on video

So how do you bring more of ‘you’ into your videos? How do you let your personality show through when you’re on video? Are you the sort of person that is a little bit nervous making… Read More