A Guide to Video Confidence


10 Steps to Looking Great and Being Prepared


Video is the one of THE most visible things you can do in business. No hiding behind words or pictures!

You want your videos to look congruent with the rest of your business brand. Similar to your content, the look and feel of your videos should be consistent with your overall brand and what your customer already experiences with you

So let’s make your videos look great and give you the confidence to do them!

I have 10 simple steps to help you on your way – some I use myself, others I’ve gleaned from the experts!

Step 1 – Be Prepared & Inspired

Jot down some topics and visual ideas. Watch videos of your online heroes. I love Marie Forleo with her stylish sets, colourful, modern elegance and practical advice. I also enjoy Denise Duffield Thomas – she is always consistent and uses the colour turquoise as her key colour in her video backdrop,  newsletter and website. See what others who you perceive as confident and successful on video are doing.

You may want to repurpose old blog posts or Facebook posts into videos. We don’t need to be reinventing the wheel for videos! Or you can make a video from your tips and tricks. Do a Q&A session. Share a story or A-ha moment.

Video course modules need more preparation and certainly need to look professional – after all people have paid you good money to do your course. You need them to see you as the professional that you are, which means showing up like one.

Screen shot 2016-06-05 at 12.37.55 PM

Step 2 – Camera

Keep it simple. We all have at least the bare necessities to get a video done: iPhone, iMovie, Photobooth, in-built laptop camera, smart phone. I now use a tripod to support my iPhone but I have also used books to prop up my Mac.

TIP – make sure your camera lens is at eye level. Please, no videos where we are looking up your nose or at your ceiling!

Step 3 – Lighting

Not entirely necessary because natural, flat light is great on a cloudy day. But we can’t always wait for the weather to comply! A cold bulb in a household, angle-poise lamp works well. Just stay away from regular bulbs as they have a yellow glow and won’t improve your look.

I invested $50 for 2 professional soft box lights, bought on eBay. Brilliant investment – they set up and dismantle easily and come in pouches for easy storage. Wrinkles? What wrinkles? Blotchy skin? Not me! Soft box lights make you the best version of you. Like candles at dinner!

Step 4 –  Where to look

This had me stumped for ages – I always seemed to be looking at your ear. Should I look at myself in the screen? Or at the iPhone lens? Where should the lens be – left or right? Using an iPhone – have the screen facing you, landscape (not upright) with the lens holes to your right. Look at the top lens hole. Using a laptop, Mac – look at the lens above your screen. Try to avoid looking at yourself – though with a laptop it’s more forgiving, and you can look toward the top of your screen and still be OK.

This video shows you what I’m taking about.


You could also employ a tactic used by TV; deliberately sit 3/4 view from the camera, and speak 1m to the left of right of the camera. As if you were speaking to someone off camera – like an interview. It will give your videos a documentary or interview show feel.

Step 5 – Dress

Make an effort! Seriously, PJs and scruffies are great for self-depricating, entertaining, behind-the-scenes selfies and on-the-hoof Facebook Lives but not for your videos! Show up as if you had been invited into someone’s home, because that’s what you are in essence doing. Be respectful of those who are giving you their time to watch your video!

If you wear something that makes you feel good, you’ll feel more confident on camera. There’s no need to get all dolled up or invest in any new clothes – just be you. But the best version of you.

Step 6 – Make Up

I’m not a big make-up wearer; my idea of evening make-up is more mascara and smokier eyeliner than my day make-up!

But on video I do wear some Garnier BB cream, to even out my skin tone out and help the lights illuminate my skin. This is particularly useful if you are feeling or looking below par but need to get a video done. My BB Cream is my little boost of confidence in a tube!

Step 7 – Background

To me this is the BIG ONE. And no, I’m not saying you need to buy a backdrop from me hehe! But what you show behind you is as crucial as your content. We are visually motivated – what we see has a direct impact on how we feel and act.

So how do you want your viewers to feel and act? Does a blank white wall really reflect you and your business brand? Is that garden fence really in keeping with who you are? Think about styling the room or a shelf behind you – get inspiration from an interior design blog or magazine and find the vibe you can recreate.

You don’t need to have a professional set – it can be a simple as a vase of flowers on a console behind you, to as elaborate as a set with a sofa, a bookcase neatly and stylishly arranged with objets d’art and paintings on the wall. As long as it looks and feels like you and your business.

Of course, getting a custom backdrop or a pre-designed backdrop is the easiest way to be consistently on brand and on message, without the kerfuffle of tidying up or styling your space.

The bonus of having a great background of any type, is that it makes you feel confident and will inspire you to do videos. Like wearing your favourite outfit, you just know you look killer and that breeds camera confidence!

Check out some of my favourite backdrops here

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Step 8 – Practice

Don’t over practice what you want to say. You will be your harshest critic and end up doing 100s of takes, which diminishes confidence. Which is not what we want!

Have a clear idea of what you want to say – one message per video is best practise. Don’t try to say it all in one video. Jot down 3 or 4 key points and stick it just off camera, where you can see it out of the corner or your eye, or peripheral vision.

Step 9 – Filming & Editing

The moment of truth….you press record and away you go. The thing that raises my confidence levels is knowing that I can edit out bloopers or awkward stumblings. I can stop after a sentence. Pause. Think. Regroup. Then carry on. I can bring the flow back in the editing stage. I don’t have to video in one take!

I’m not an expert at iMovie editing but I taught myself by watching Youtube tutorials. This chap shows you the basics in a simple manner. Click here

Step 10 – Share with Pride

We made it – we’re inspired and prepared. Our camera is poised, we’re well-lit, made-up, dressed, and our background is looking beautiful. Our notes have been made, we rehearsed a bit but not too much.

Now it’s time to share it and be visible. Do not hide your talents under a bushel….people need to hear your message and learn from you!


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