Thank you Emma for my new backdrop. I’ve had so many compliments about it…it’s fabulous to have something that’s one-of-a-kind, just for me. It’s beautiful.

Denise Duffield-Thomas, money mindset coach, speaker, author

Sal Jade

Getting my backdrop was one of the best things I could have done for my biz. Emma was amazing to work with, very patient while I was trying to figure out what I needed for my branding and how to create the look I was seeking. 

When I saw the sketches I liked it but still couldn’t really see how amazing it was going to look- but when I opened my final product and stood against it- I felt THE most amazing feeling- that this was me! 

The beauty – and the connection to my tribe- all of it felt like me. 

Everyone who has seen it has absolutely loved it- and echoed that it’s very ME:) 

Sal Jade, Udemy Instructor

Emma FB

Before I launched my online program I was stumped when it came to backdrops. My home-office just doesn’t cut the mustard.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I love things to look great and well presented so when I came across Emma’s backdrops, I thought yes, that’s perfect!!

Emma’s backdrop is an integral part of my business. I use it all the time, every single week!

It makes me feel sharp, professional, organised and I absolutely, absolutely love it to bits! And it takes 2 mins to put up! Winning!!

I have to say, it’s not all about the backdrop – it’s about Emma. Emma is a true artist. She’s pretty much the best person you could deal with: easygoing, on time, helpful, fun, creative and above all she wants you to succeed & make you shine. Bespoke Backdrops make you absolutely shine on camera!

Emma Franklin-Bell, Beautiful Business Academy


My backdrop has streamlined doing videos, and creates instant atmosphere at events. I won “Best Stand” at a recent industry trade fair, using my backdrop!

Nicole McCarthy, Hands On Workshops

Tash Corbin

I have recorded more videos in the past 3 days that I had in the previous 3 months! I am so in LOVE with mine…I could take selfies in front of my backdrop all day long!

Emma Veiga-Malta – YOU ROCK TO THE MOON & BACK!

Natasha Corbin, business strategist & mentor

Paulette Mc C

I purchased two backdrops to give a professional feeling when having online meetings via skype.

With working from a home office, we always juggle for space and when we can’t have a dedicated area we need to find other solutions to cover up life and a busy household.

These work a treat and no one will know that I am at home.

My clients are already commenting. Thanks heaps for designing such a great product Emma.

Paulette McCormack, Employment Relationship Consultant


I love the fact that is consistently reminds me to show up and get visible as it’s a beautiful backdrop in our office.

I use it for making videos, online Zoom calls, interviews and photos. After just one month of having it I got an email from YouTube saying my videos has been watched for over 4 hours.

I love my backdrop and have had so many comments from people saying they love it too. Thank you Emma.

Leonie Percy, Author, Speaker & Mentor

Debra Hill

This week I used the backdrop 14 times for client calls, interviews and live streams. It’s been a great investment.

Debbie Hill, business consultant & speaker


Raelene Joyce

It was a huge decision for me to seek out the services of a branding expert.  A die-hard DIY’er, I’d dabbled with creating my own for more than a year, and despite more hours than I can count, it still left me flat.  To be honest, I had no idea what I was looking for or how to pull the seemingly disjointed parts of my business together.

In just one very thorough and efficient phone call, Emma gently got to the core of who am I and what I provide for people.  I certainly wasn’t expecting that.  And in the first draft of options, Emma completely nailed it.  She then went on to create a complete branding package that’s not only unique, but perfectly suited to me personally and professionally.

My only regret is not coming to Emma sooner.  She could have saved me 12 months of time and energy that would have been better invested into building my business rather than playing amateur designer!

Raelene Joyce, health coach


The brand you have created is AMAZING and it reflects me and my business perfectly!! So HAPPY!!!!

Alison Gomulka, food relationship & health coach

Melissa Malone

Emma is amazing to work with. I’ve just had a new logo designed for my business and Emma has a great process to help you formulate your vision. She then has turned that vision into an amazing logo that represents my business beautifully.

Emma has practical design guides and tools to help you identify design elements you like, right through to what you want your logo to represent.She was also damn good at hand holding and encouraging me through my launch anxiety. (Thanks Emma!)

I have no hesitation to recommend Emma and Bespoke Backdrops.


Emma is a branding expert as well as an artist. She can take the ideas in your heart’s mind and bring them to life in a way that does your business proud.

Her work speaks to people and is beautiful to boot. Emma doesn’t rest until you are completely satisfied with the result. With great attention to detail, her processes work. Your business is in great hands.

Victoria Crewes, video coach

Amanda Roberts

My original logo had served me well, but it was time for a refresh, and I’ve always admired Emma’s video backdrop designs. So I knew she’d create something beautiful.

Emma was very efficient – we had a chat over Skype, I shared with her my vision, my business purpose and we discussed what I was after. Funnily enough, in our discussions I’d shared a lot of details with Emma but had forgotten to tell her about this little vision I’d had for my logo. I giggled when I saw what she sent back in the concept stage – one of the designs was a very close match to my vision.

It was as if Emma reached into my brain and created exactly what I wanted. I love my new logo. It’s so fresh and fun, and matches my business and personality well. Thanks for being so quick and professional Emma!

Amanda Roberts, Kinesiologist